Lyn McCulloch
Lyn McCulloch
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Writer of novels, short stories, serials and features for magazines
Thank you for visiting my site - even if you came upon it by accident, do stop and have a look.

I write feel-good fiction, short and long, and articles, mostly based around dogs, travel and the hospitality trade. I've had numerous short stories published and my serial, White Oaks, for My Weekly was subsequently published in large print by Magna and is now available as an ebook. I'm now working on a sequel - by popular demand!

In a nutshell, if I'm putting words together - I'm happy!
Judy's husband, Gordon, wants a change. After years at sea he's ready to come ashore. A seaside guest house really floats his boat and Judy, supportive as ever, goes with the flow. Then he's called away leaving Judy to renovate the house, find staff and run a business she never wanted. Add to the mix parents from hell, a smitten neighbour and a daughter with a roller coaster love-life and you have to wonder if Judy will pull it off. And what will happen when Gordon comes home again?
More adventures from Sandhaven coming soon!
The second Purbeck Literary Festival will take place from 16th February to 1st March 2015